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Sound Bath Session

Relax and release through sound. Let go of stress and tension, open the body’s energy systems and spark creativity and clarity.  This easy journey to joy begins with a grounding exercise of light movement and breath work.  Remove imbalances and create harmony in body and mind through the healing vibrations of gongs, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks and mantra.  Celebrate and channel the natural frequencies of the full moon or new moon for inspiration and renewal.  Please bring a yoga mat and or blanket/pillow, crystals or other small items to cleanse and energize.  For additional information, contact Kat Meisler at 702.379.5752.

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Diodatics Weight Training

Increase your metabolism, develop lifelong weight-training skills, and get amazing results with Diodatics Weight Training. Our Diodatics Weight Training class has helped Summerlin residents stay fit for over 12 years and is back to do it again. Using revolutionary Diodatics Weights, this class teaches a wide range of exercises, including core training, flexibility and balance training, yoga and Pilates fusion, and much more.

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Pilates Reformer

In our Beginning Pilates class, you’ll learn the basics of this popular exercise. Start with Balanced Body IQ Reformer safety, perform a group of beginning exercises, and understand the building blocks on your path to Pilates growth. The intermediate class enhances your strength and flexibility with an enjoyable full-body Pilates workout that helps you look your best, move more freely, and feel better.

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Tai Chi

Learn the power and poise of an ancient Chinese art form in our transformative Tai Chi class. Improve your overall fitness level and range of motion through this short form style that teaches balance, coordination, flexibility, and agility.

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Increase your peace and decrease your stress in our beginner’s Yoga class. Join Christy with OneOmLight on a journey of relaxation and strength as you stretch and breath your way to a clearer mind, stronger body, and better self.

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