Afterall, It’s The “Leash” You Can Do

By Randy Ecklund

I once again find myself trying to get a message across on behalf of our law-abiding residents having to endure the poor habits of certain pet owners. As a parent I understand some lessons don’t always get through the first time. However, one would expect adult pet owners to come around a little quicker.

None-the-less, whether its dogs being walked without leashes, unreasonable noise levels from barking dogs, or dog refuse being left behind by irresponsible owners, clearly there are a number of pet owners needing to reexamine their habits and routines. As a reminder, here are the basic courtesies all of your fellow neighbors are asking for:

Use a Leash – Simply stated, no dog is to be outside your home or fenced yard without a leash with an owner on the other end. You may feel that your dog is friendly and controllable, but if you are walking them without a leash, you are not only breaking municipal laws and community rules, you are also causing undue hardship to your fellow residents. Park visitors and/or walkers of leashed pets find themselves having to deal with your “stray” investigating and scaring them, their children or their pet(s). Resident’s young and old out to enjoy a breath of fresh air can easily be intimidated by even the friendliest of dogs advancing toward them uncontrolled. It shouldn’t take the eventual encounter with a larger, meaner, off leash dog than yours to somehow finally get your attention. Please do the right thing. Use a leash!

Control Barking – Without question all homeowners expect to hear a little barking now and then – after all, it’s the nature of the beast. Problems arise when owners allow their dog to bark incessantly or leave their pet out while they are gone and assume the dog is being quiet. Just to be sure you are not trying your neighbor’s patience, take the time to ask them if all is well.

Pick Up Dog Refuse – Homeowners and common area maintenance personnel put a great deal of effort into keeping Summerlin looking nice. Residents of all ages bike, walk, run, and play in our streetscapes, trails and open spaces. To keep these areas neat and healthy, we need the cooperation of our pet owners. Nothing taints these areas worse than a pet owner who is too lazy or unprepared to pick up the very mess they took their pet “out” to make. Pet owners, please leave your house with the intent of picking up after your pet. The community has provided you with various trash cans and dogipots to make the task easier. Choose a route that assures you will pass by a container. Please help us keep Summerlin clean by simply picking up after your pet!

For the most part we have very responsible pet owners in the community. However, we need the cooperation of all to keep Summerlin a safe, healthy and attractive community. As always, thanks for your help!