Friendly Codes of Conduct

By Randy Ecklund

As I’m writing this, Summerlin is caught up in another weather cycle of rain, wind and cool weather. It’s especially tough on youth sports kids and their

accompanying parents, but the rain is always welcome. With warmth and summer around the corner, our parks will soon be brimming with activity from alldirections. Hence, some reflection.

As a youngster I tended to enjoy two codes of conduct. When at home, my parents would allow us kids some grace to let our hair down a little bit, sometimesgetting a little squirrelly, always playing hard but happy and always reminded to be respectful to our siblings, guests, and overall safety and surroundings. It was my family’s implied code of conduct.

The second code was that shared by my parents regarding our visits outside the home. Any walk or drive to a neighbor or relative’s house included a friendlyreminder to try to be on one’s best behavior. Polite, respectful, remain appreciative of the surroundings I was about to visit, and for everybody’s enjoyment and safety, try to keep any high-spirited activities well balanced. Clearly my family’s expressed code of conduct.

My intent in reflecting is to remind everyone that when visiting our com-munity parks and open spaces we kindly keep an eye out for each other and continue to maintain good, safe recreational practices for everybody’s benefit. Community ownership and enjoyment of our shared amenities comes with certain shared codes of conduct; both expressed and implied. For everyone’s sake please:

• Respect those around you, always keeping pets leashed and picked up after.

• Never operate golf carts and/or motorcycles in any community parks or open spaces.

• Kids especially need to be careful when bicycling or scootering, electric or old school, and they must remain on sidewalks and always use precaution. Speeding through or around individuals and/or families out for a walk is avoidable with some best common-sense practices.

• Of particular note is the reality many people walk with earbuds/earphones and are sometimes unaware of impending encounters with reckless, irresponsible individuals.

And if you have children, please take the time to remind them that with park use privileges comes best practice responsibilities. As always, thank you for your mindfulness, assistance, and continued cooperation. Enjoy your parks! GNMAWYA