Doing The Neighborly Thing

By Randy Ecklund

As we go about our busy everyday lives, it occasionally helps to revisit some of the promises we made to each other when we moved into Summerlin: residents agreeing to share costs for well-kept common area amenities, while also adhering to some common-sense neighborhood rules. I am sharing this yearly best practices reminder for those of you that may have forgotten some of these items, and also because historically at least five to 10 percent of our Summerlin resident population renews each year.

Trash containers/recycling containers should be placed curbside no more than twelve (12) hours before a scheduled pick up and should be removed promptly. When not at the curb, trash containers/recycling containers are required to be stored out of view. Due to our occasional high winds it is imperative that trash and recycling containers are secured and/or completely closed to prevent any debris from blowing in your neighbors’ yards.

On street parking is a very sensitive issue in the community. Every effort should be made to organize your garage to accommodate as many vehicles as it was originally designed. Excess vehicles should be parked in the driveway. Parking in the street is highly discouraged. Your sub-associations may have more strict rules and regulations. For your neighbor’s sake, please make a habit of using your garages and driveways for your vehicles. The safety and appearance of your neighborhood will be much improved.

Working on your vehicle(s) must be confined to the garage with doors closed and GARAGE DOORS are to be kept closed except for reasonable ingress/egress.

Pet owners have a strong responsibility to the community. One of the most frustrating issues residents deal with is irresponsible owners walking their pets
unleashed. Please remember that dogs and cats must be leashed when not contained in the house or yard. In addition, pets should be kept quiet within reason both day and night and owners must always clean up after their pets.

Boats, campers, trailers and other recreational vehicles should not to be parked on the driveway or street for more than 24 hours.

Always give timely attention to the exterior condition of your home. Our dry, hot climate can be hard on exterior paint and other materials and surfaces. Please make a habit of walking the exterior of your home a few times a year to identify and repair any items needing attention.

Remember to submit all exterior changes/improvements to your respective Design Review Committees prior to installation. All additions such as landscape, sheds, pools, patios, patio covers, gazebos, rolling shutters, solar screens, string/bistro lighting etc. require approval by the Association. This review procedure allows the Association to provide fellow members comfort that all improvements will meet or exceed the community’s uniform standards. Please note that the City of Las Vegas, Clark County and your sub-association may have additional requirements for you to satisfy.

By adhering to these common-sense day-to-day practices in the community, Summerlin will continue to reflect the pride we all take in its appearance. Thanks for your efforts.