How Safe is Your Safe?

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When it comes to safes, there are so many options that it can be overwhelming. There are various pros and cons with every kind of safe on the market so it’s important to be educated on what you already have or are planning to purchase in the future.

What type of safe are you looking for? Wall safes can seem secure, but they can also be cut out of the wall and stolen entirely. People may think they’re very clever, but burglars know where to look for wall safes so be careful when storing things in there. There are also floor safes which are very difficult for burglars to attack but usually offer little in fire protection. There are many free-standing safes that can come with the best of both worlds in terms of fire and burglary protection but must be bolted down to prevent a burglar from just taking the safe with them.

Safes should be placed somewhere with adequate lighting so you can see the combination and somewhere you’re comfortable with accessing. If you’re getting frustrated with your safe, you won’t end up using it and it will likely be a waste of money. Keeping the safe “out of sight out of mind” is usually the best practice. Places like a guest bedroom closet or utility room are good places to store your safe.

Check the burglary rating on your safe. If you’re thinking of storing things that cost $10,000+, you might want to consider getting a higher rated safe. You can read up online on what each of the classifications means. If you’re planning on storing expensive property, you should look into the higher rated safes on