Summer Camps

Summer Camps

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Thursday, April 24, 2014



Council North South West

Summerlin property owners and residents are currently governed and served by one of four master community associations: Summerlin North, Summerlin South, Summerlin West, and Summerlin Centre. To find out which master community association you live in, click here. Community associations have a proven track record of sustaining and enhancing property values. These associations oversee the care and maintenance of the common areas and implement the covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&R’s) designed to protect and preserve the overall value and aesthetics of the community. By design, each member of the Summerlin North, South, West, and Centre associations contributes to the expenses of The Summerlin Council, the owner and operator of The Trails, Willows, and Gardens Community Centers, Willows Pool, Trails Pool, Arbors Tennis and Play Park and the many other parks and amenities throughout Summerlin. It is a neighbor-to-neighbor partnership that serves our Summerlin community well. (It is important to note that Sun City, Siena and Red Rock Country Club are private village developments with their own master associations and they are not a part of Summerlin’s master community association structure or The Summerlin Council.)